Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Oakland Spokes Promo Merch

Here are some projects that are stemming from the need for grand opening promotional materials for Oakland Spokes' new location near Lake Merritt in Oakland, CA. The shop will open on November 27th.

First, are some tee-shirt designs for employees and for sale at the opening. Here are variations on the same design:

     "Oakland has Hella Spokes!"

Note: "Hella" is slang for, a lot of something (generally speaking) an idiom used mostly in the Bay area. This term has been used so much that there was an actual formal petition to put a large number (10^27) for it's meaning, check it out here: Make Hella Official

This one is probably one of my favorite tee color combos, very simple 1-color design:

I like the way this green color bounces off of the black:


I am all about stickers! Stickers are a great marketing tool to hand out out at events & social spots. They are basically functional business cards. I will have to post about my new stickers I recently had made from one of my pizza character illustrations.

This Oakland Spokes sticker is a simple, 1-color designs & directs people to the Oakland Spokes Website:

Fliers for the opening, showing some of the kid's bikes:

Grand opening Fliers:

Info and the rundown of what is going down on Plaid Friday. Plaid Friday is such a great concept coming out of Oakland. It represents an alternative to the big box store's "Black Friday" & focuses on promoting local entrepreneurs & locally owned businesses invested in the surrounding community. You can read more about Plaid Friday, here:

These fliers fit 4 to a letter sized page which reduces the amount of prints you have to make.

A black & white version of the fliers to be more cost effective:

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