Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tell tale signs of the Buddha-belly to come

I recently have had the chance to be amongst
foodies, Including: chefs, amateur chefs,
food experimenters/chemists, people
who just love to eat good foods and recipes.

So due to this, this will be a somewhat food-blog
style post. I enjoyed taking the photos and
eating the final product.

I myself am not a picky eater, whatsoever.
But I am quickly learning the nuances in
ingredients and some differences in food
preparation. I do love food. Any recipes made,
in all probability, I will eat and enjoy eating.

With that said, my roommate is a lover of all
things food. I really enjoy his style, lots of staples
classics done simply and full of flava. Hearing him
talk about the upcoming winter comfort food is
kinda getting me excited.

here's his recent bird. Roasted:

At Spice Monkey we changed up the In house
music. So we got together and Inoke tried out
his recipes on us. G made some sic Phlip
sweet meat and rice, of course, and Raven
hooked it up with a great guac (no pics of that
one though.):

This first one is kinda interesting. I did a shoot the night before
at night with the shutter at 30 secs. I forget to check n'change my
settings before shooting on a new day:


James Brown:

Serious Discussions:

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Flaming Skull Anvil Tee

Im doing some t-shirt designs for a friend
at home in Tucson. He runs his own fabrication
company. He recently set up a training facility
for a MMA gym. here is a flaming skull and
anvil combo.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Old Drawings New Life

I found some old sketchbooks.

My Uncle Raul told me to never throw away
a sketchbook or drawing. It is great advice. Every
time I reference An older sketchbook it breathes
new life into my work and productivity. Here are
a few pieces from a year or two ago.

Of course I do have new stuff but that is being used for
future reference and projects. - no showing
work-in-progress until there is some.

here are some re-sketching of the curvy babe.

and separated:
Caricature of my little bro:

Gators smile | Treasure troll:


A sketch of my nephew:

this happens:

here is a new one in an old book: