Friday, October 28, 2011

Heads and skulls.

Here are some character studies
w/ some skulls thrown in.

Zombie voodoo priest.

Caiman skull.
I will do a series of these in
paper mache sculptures.

everything looks better in a circle:

Skull doubloon:
and a character illustration of
Adrienne who just had her wisdom
teeth pulled the other day. Her
recovery methods include drugs
and ice cream:

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Finally, New Sketches

I haven't been slacking since
I haven't posted here. I've
been using my graphic design
skills to help rejuvenate the
city of Richmond's downtown
area by formatting, creating,
printing, painting, and hanging these:

New sketches done in between
commutes to Richmond and
on my lunches and breaks at my
Part-time J.O.B:

This one looks like Adrienne's dad. If you don't know
him he looks like this (but without all the safety gear + goggles):

Some guy I seen walking around minding his own business. He looked
like a walking illustration character. " i must draw you..."

floating heads:

If you're on the BART and you make a crazy face while obviously enjoying
your cold drink, I will draw your face:
friend sketch face: