Saturday, August 12, 2017

Mil Destinos



 I had a solo art show at VAMP, Vintage Music & Art for the People,
in August 2017. I had been wanting to do an art show at this small
neighborhood record store for a while. I was happy to take this
opportunity to create some new paintings and drawing as well as
generate some concepts for new work. Having a place like VAMP to
hang work is a great. The place is cozy. The neighborhood is friendly &
I've been hanging out with the owners, Fernando and Tracy for about
3-4 years. Since I moved to the Lake Merritt, Oakland area in 2013, I've
seen some of my favorite live music performances here.




Shout out to my friend & artist Jon Chao for coming through & helping me hang the show!!!




I had prints for sale and got lucky with this 
ground score of a wooden print rack

This is the typeface I used for the show flier. I have been working on developing this typeface for a few years.
This typeface is large and monumental for images to be placed inside of the letter shapes.

Rafael Tapia III
Rafael Tapia III

Grey version of the show flier.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Stay Dank & Slay



I've been updating my visual design resume and
I came across blog I created to
archive the crazy amount of designs I developed while
working with Allposters(dot)com, in 2016.

I was hired as a contract designer but wore the hats of an
illustrator, production artist, and marketing team member.