Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Oakland Spokes Bike Lounge

My buddy, Brian is opening a bike lounge in Oakland, dubbed Oakland Spokes. This is a tertiary of the national organization called Spokes National. I have worked with Brian on previous Richmond Spokes graphic design, store signage, & promotional materials.

I am now able to work with him on his new venture in my neighborhood called Oakland Spokes Bike Lounge. Using previous recognizable Richmond Spokes icons and imagery, as well as the logo-mark, I have transformed branding package for use as Oakland Spokes. 

Starting off with the original radii design (see original at the bottom of this post) that I started for Richmond Spokes, I put in place the Oakland text. I also reduced the amount of colors to just one. These are 2-different variation of the same mark. I am a fan of brand diversification & feel that having a few branches of the same logo- marks can really be used in different media. I will use the straight on circular icon, for stickers to promote the bike shop.

From the original circular radii icons, I started the extension of using the full title of the bike shop:

These are my favorite horizontal logo-mark designs:

This is aversion of the horizontal logo-mark containing the name
of the bike shop
on one line:

Here are a couple of ways I have been using these designs, so far:

Instagram photo showing the plan for the bike shop:

This was a image for Facebook showing the design and address of the
imagined retail space:

Imagining some letter heads for correspondence:


These are the original Richmond Spokes circular logo-marks.
These are slightly more complicated having 2 colors instead
of just the 1 green color

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