Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Celestial Entity

I submitted some designs for Enso apparel.
A sustainable shirt company that is focused on
cool designs and designers.

Hopefully, they make it out to Outside Lands festival in
San Francisco this year.

I always want to support these type of small businesses.
The concept behind this company is great too. The name
'enso' means circle in Japanese. The circle implicating a
cycle of recycling and sustainability with the Earth.
All of that modern age tree-hugging nonsense.

The name really stuck out at me due to my roots and
interest in street art and my closet tagger tendencies.
enso has a nice form to it, four symmetrical letters. It
also has a slight esoteric vibe. So I approached it from
this point of view drawing out letters and different ways
to 'write' enso.

I wanted to get creative with this. A strong theme in the
company is music so my initial idea was to look at musical
notation and broke down a staff into an abstract form that
designated the composition.

The shirt Colors:

My technique for these designs were to use high res images of
my brush and ink illustrations/Marks to use as a template for
combinations of other pieces I could include. The circle design
is from an illustration of speakers I have been working with.
Speakers remind me of boxes in the trunk of my first car and
music in general. This design was called 'Bass Machine.' it
looks like weird abstract creature or Celestial entity. (I had
to look up 'celestial' cause I couldn't remember the word at first.)

I worked on these but they didn't make the cut:
(I might re-submit them when I'm done with them)


  1. I like that one a lot too. I guess they didn't want to have an "enso" logotype so i must replace it with something else like "bass" or sumthin' (?) Either way I am still gonna get it printed, with my screens or otherwise.