Friday, February 12, 2010

King BoBo Illustration concept I

I am working with some friends to put together a humorous book based on home-made concoctions and simple yet hilarious jokes. The first idea for this comes from 'King-Bobo' a group monicker for use to produce this book.

This is my first visual concept for this idea.

Using this sort of name comes from urban street culture in using a tagger name to hide the identity of the individual creating street art.

Second version of the King Bobo Illustration


  1. Hell yeah! dude I've been waiting forever for you to start a blog, I've been wanting to see the new stuff you're making! This book sounds rad, and that logo is DOPE, I think I like the first one better though. The halftone is cool, but the solid purple just makes that cobra pop!

  2. Nice, thanks. I've been on the fence about it.
    Yeah finally put it together!