Sunday, February 14, 2010


I had the chance to work with Brian Drayton at Richmond
Spokes on a vinyl poster representing the Bamboo Bicycle project.

These style of bikes are becoming popular and are gaining
much press. They seem to be a symbol of the modern Green
movement and have a direct relationship to sustainability
and Eco-consciousness.

The functionality of the bike combined with the image of
the bicycle's biological components create an inherent icon.

Photos of this bike and their process are linked to the web
address here:


Black and Tan

Bamboo~ Bambusa Oldhamii, a clumping species that can reach 35'ft.
tall and 3" in diameter. dark green and tropical looking leaves.
the common name is Oldham's Giant Timber Bamboo or simply just
giant timber bamboo.

Designed around Steel Lugs dropouts and bottom bracket form
Globe Bikes Track Frame

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