Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Good Food Menu Design

"Food is Beautiful"
-Spice Monkey

While I was just starting out in the East Bay
I was learning to create, and eat, delicious
world-fusion gourmet at this small downtown
Oakland restaurant. Mostly eat. A once in a
lifetime chance to learn cooking techniques
with a range of ingredients an learning
different cooking styles. This knowledge has
led me to treat the ones on special, and
regular occasions.

The building is a cool historic site and the space
for the restaurant is fantastic as well. The prior
establishment was in the custom tile business.
The walls are beautifully decorated in an array
of tile work and East Asian reliefs.

With the menu, I optimized the layout for
legibility, using basic graphic design principals
and techniques. The design is intended to reflect
the playful character of the food as well as the
physical space of the restaurant.

A few of my photos of the good food menu items:

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  1. That is some very interesting menu graphic design. I especially like the way that the menu has progressed. I think it is important to keep your menu updated to reflect new trends and new strategies.