Tuesday, March 29, 2011

February Art Show

I had an art show at Spice Monkey
Restaurant in the upstairs art gallery
located in downtown Oakland.

The title of the show was
Monsters and Myths

The show kind of revolved around a
piece I recently finished, but started
in my undergrad while researching ideas
for a new digital painting piece with a 70's
era feel to it.

It ended up being a traditional
art mixed media piece on Arches paper. I
basically just wanted to draw a beautiful
afro headed female. I think the piece really
fit well with the vibe of the place -
The show also featued some of my new a
recent works involving stylish elements from
comics, graffiti, and cartoonish illustrations.

While I was hanging the art, the owner asked if the above is
how I thought of women... My response, "If you're lucky"

I really liked the process on this one: Dragonkat 2011

I started out with a ink line drawing done
with a brush:

Messing with color and outlines:
I really enjoy this abstract version of the under layer grey:
I had an awesome group of friends that showed
their support and came through.

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