Saturday, August 7, 2010

Old Drawings New Life

I found some old sketchbooks.

My Uncle Raul told me to never throw away
a sketchbook or drawing. It is great advice. Every
time I reference An older sketchbook it breathes
new life into my work and productivity. Here are
a few pieces from a year or two ago.

Of course I do have new stuff but that is being used for
future reference and projects. - no showing
work-in-progress until there is some.

here are some re-sketching of the curvy babe.

and separated:
Caricature of my little bro:

Gators smile | Treasure troll:


A sketch of my nephew:

this happens:

here is a new one in an old book:


  1. I like how you've progressed as an artist! now instead of drawing star pasties, you're drawing full blown nipples. boobs 4 life

  2. Thank you, sir. I am glad someone appreciates the major creative and personal developments within my work.

    lol! awesome.