Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Re-imagining NAU: crest / coat of arms.

In the Spirit of T-shirt designs.
Here is a design for a hoodie I put together.
It was cool to get a print out of it.

This idea has to do with Northern Arizona University's
School pride which stems from it's location in the city of
Flagstaff, Arizona.

If you don't know too much about Flagstaff it is located
7,000ft above sea level, nestled in the shadow of the San
Francisco peaks. The climate is very distinct from the rest
of the state of Arizona, in that it experiences all four seasons
of the year, including snow. lots of snow.

Flagstaff was established upon the lumber industry.
The mascot for NAU is the Lumber Jack. That explains
the first design with the axe. The second has to do with
the large crows local to the area. Big beautiful birds.
Seemed appropriate for the medieval style coat of arms.

The final result was a tone-on-tone metalic black ink on a dark grey hoodie:

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